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With five years experience as the Director of Digital Learning in an outstanding Independent School and fifteen years as a classroom teacher, I now offer Research SupportConsultancy and Training on all aspects of Digital Learning. I am fully certified and experienced working with Apple, Google and Microsoft's platforms and devices for learning.

My passion is to educate and empower people to use technology critically and reflectively in the classroom and beyond. As a former Head of Department for PHSE and Thinking Skills I am actively engaged in #techforgood projects relating to access and equity in education.

I am currently a Doctoral Student at the Institute of Education, University College London. My research is focussed on reflective methodologies for observing and developing Digital Learning and Thinking Skills in the classroom. I can offer research support to schools interested in developing research in their own context.

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Expert guidance and training for schools and organisations seeking to develop and improve learning using technology.


Experienced schools speaker on Digital Wellbeing, Safety, and Relationships Education working with ithappens.education

Researching and Writing

Research advice and support. Advising schools on research based interventions for learning.


 Interactive, enriching, live learning and training sessions can be arranged remotely or face to face for all contexts.


Thank you so much for all you have done for us during remote learning. Your expertise has been invaluable, and calmly given at an appropriate level so that everyone can progress.

Jess - Head of Department, Independent Secondary School.

Thank you so much for all the training. I have enjoyed and found all the sessions useful. It has been superb and I feel very lucky to have had access to this professional development. I really like the format of a quick after school training session on Zoom. It has felt collaborative through the chat and been nice to connect as well as learn. The format of the workshop was great too - I would love more INSET in this style in future where everyone participates and actively engages.

Nicola - Head of Department, Independent Secondary Girls School.

I started the lockdown only having used Google Classroom in its most basic form and now I feel really confident about its capabilities and how to use them for remote teaching. The training was truly excellent and has made me aware of the possibilities that exist with Digital Learning.

Vanessa - English Teacher, Secondary School.


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